The objective of Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Course at Thai Inter Flying, We hope to be helper and assistant train student pilot to fly the aircraft until they have skills and knowledge that able to do a solo flight by themselves and to be a good pilot in the future follow CAAT (The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand) that is flying safely. Thai Inter Flying hopes our Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course is helpful to someone who desire and aim to find new experience of flying skills and knowledge.

Course Information

  • Theoretical knowledge   132 Hrs.  (Vibhavadi 64, Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Flight Training   44 Hrs.  (Phitsanulok Airport, Phitsanulok, Thailand)

Course Period

4-5 months (Depends on environment factor including abnormal situation ex. aircraft damage from accident or incident).

Qualification of Applicant:

  • Completion of at least high school education.
  • At least the age of 18 years old on the starting date of the course.
  • All genders.
  • Never have to jail Except for an offense committed through negligence or a petty offense
  • No serious communicable diseases or diseases that affect flight.
  • Passed a health examination or Medical class 2 from Institute of Aviation Medicine RTAF, Bangkok Civil Aeromedical center and Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital

Student Pilot will get.

  • JEPPESEN textbook for Private Pilot
  • Food during ground school at Vibhavadi 64, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Accommodation and foods during flight school at Phitsanulok Airport, Thailand.
  • Flight bag
  • Flight Kneeboard
  • etc.

Type of training aircraft

  • CESSNA 172
  • CESSNA 172 G1000

Documents required

  • Photo (size: 1 inch)   6 photos
  • Copy of ID Card with certified true copy   3 copies
  • Copy of House Registration with certified true copy   3 copies
  • Copy of Passport (foreigner) with certified true copy    3 copies
  • Application form (written by hand)    1 copy
  • Copy of Medical class 1 or 2  with certified true copy   3 copies


10/11 Vibhavadi64, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd., Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand
 +662-1143325, +6685-3293295, +6695-6049999 
Thai Inter Flying


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